Traction Program

Play a bigger game

Traction Program

For mid-tier companies who are serious about growth. 

Working together over a 12-month period, for less than the cost of one bid writer you will have a full bid team at your disposal (TEAM). We will improve your in-house bidding capabilities by development of policies and procedures, management plans, process, methodology and manuals (TOOLKIT). We will help you develop processes, methodology and controls to drive a consistent and successful bidding process (TACTICS).

By focussing on the three key areas you need to succeed, you can play a bigger game and secure repeat revenue streams as we win new contracts on your behalf.


Bidding content

Best practice


Policies & Procedures

Management Plans & Manuals


Business practice


Bid Qualification Tool

Bid Development Process

Storyboard process

Meeting Process

Persuasive Writing Method

Authorisation Levels

Review Process

Sign Off Process


Solution Managers

Bid Support

Bid Writers

Project Managers

Procurement Experts

Estimating Experts

Certification Experts

Sales Experts

Marketing Experts

12 month development programme

We’ll work with you for 12 months to increase your capability and deliver world class bidding process.


The Programme allows you to compete on a level playing with the bigger firms by having an equivalent bid development team in place,  but for a fraction of the cost.

The work is done on an affordable fixed monthly fee so you can manage costs and cash flow and focuses on what you do best.

Working together over a 12 month period, for less than the cost of one bid writer, you will have full access to our traction programme.   This allows you to manage costs and cash flow and allows you to focus on what you do best.

We get you into a position to make successful tenders with a team that provides flexibility and scalability to meet any high work flow demands. We monitor all Government and many private sector procurement opportunities on your behalf. Our bid qualification tool identifies which of these tenders are right for you.

Best of all – As part of the programme we develop and submit tenders continuously for you throughout the 12 months to achieve increased turnover and profitability from the outset.

The Traction programme puts the focus on the three key areas you need to succeed in to play a bigger game. Securing new and repeatable revenue streams on your behalf. 

Why Big Companies Win Contracts

We draw on experience gained through years of experience working with and for the top end of town..


Working with large organisations across a range of sectors and complex bids, we have come to understand what the top end of town do to succeed. Our Traction Program is focused on the following winning strategies to help your business compete: 

  • Developing a robust bid qualification process that ensures you only bid for what you can win
  • Developing solutions based specifically on the audience requirements, not what you are selling
  • Developing a full understanding compliance and procurement requirements and how they impact the process 
  • Delivering practical solutions that have been discussed and debated with the operations team
  • Implementing proven processes that help to articulate your company strength and value propositions
  • Managing stakeholders to extract operationally sound solutions
  • Writing persuasively with the audience in mind

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