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The Power of Partnership


Are you serious about growth? We can provide all the expertise to help your business make that step change.

PitchThis Partnership Program

Who is it for?

Mid-tier companies who are serious about growth

It can be difficult for mid-tier businesses to obtain the experience and knowledge they require to make a step change at the budget they can afford.

PitchThis have created a partner program which aims to deliver the strength of a full bid team and access to senior experts in complimentary fields (such as procurement, supply management, and certification) – to help your business make that step change and play a bigger game.

We provide all of this expertise at an affordable rate, to help you take that step up, without breaking the bank.

Key Issues

When it comes to tenders and growth

Working with hundreds of businesses across Australia, PitchThis has learned that mid-tier clients typically have four key issues when it comes to tenders and growth.


Issue 1

Feel they can’t compete with the bigger companies


Issue 2

Focussed on operations and have no time for tenders


Issue 3

Not always aware of opportunities or know which ones to go for


Issue 4

Have had limited success so the return on investment makes tenders feel expensive to go for

We Can Help You

Play a bigger game

By focussing on the three key areas you need to succeed, you can play a bigger game and secure repeat revenue streams as we win new contracts on your behalf.


Working together we will provide your business with the expertise and scalability of a full bid team and associated experts as required


We will improve your bidding and business capabilities by development of policies and procedures, management plans, business process, manuals and certifications


We will help you develop processes, methodology and controls to drive a consistent and successful bidding process

How does it works

We’ll transform your business in just 12 months

The Partner Program allows you to compete on a level playing with the bigger organisations by having an equivalent bid development team in place, but for a fraction of the cost.

We’ll work with you for 12 months to increase your capability and deliver world class bidding. The work is done on an affordable fixed monthly fee so you can manage costs and cash flow and focus on what you do best.

We get you into a position to make successful tenders with a team that provides flexibility and scalability to meet any high workflow demands. We monitor all Government and many private sector procurement opportunities on your behalf.

We’ll build a bespoke bid qualification tool for your organisation to help your team identify which tenders are right for you.

Best of all, as we develop your bidding capability (toolkit, tactics and team) we’ll also develop and submit tenders continuously for you throughout the program, delivering increased turnover and profitability from the outset.

Melbourne Mid Tier Companies

Interested in

Growing your business?

We’ll help you understand the complexities of bidding and procurement. If you’re just getting started and keen to learn more about bidding, please provide your details below and we’ll help you navigate the space and start accelerating your growth with long term sustainable revenue streams.

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