Case Studies

Facility Management

PitchThis have worked with an extensive number of facility management and facility services clients.

We’ve helped plan, write, and win contracts ranging in value from a few hundred thousand dollars through to multi-million and even billion dollar contracts.

Many of our facility management clients work in the security, cleaning and asset management – or increasingly – provide fully integrated services contracts to large commercial and government contracts.

The challenge in working on these contracts often involves drawing innovative solutions out of teams which are accustomed to churning out multiple bids at once, and falling into the trap of repeating the same one size fits all approach.

Large scale and complex bids often allow these teams the opportunity to bring in external consultants (such as PitchThis) who can address the opportunity at hand with a fresh approach, helping to bring together an innovative solution to a problem.

Resources / Oil & Gas

PitchThis has worked with a range of clients in the resources industry, assisting engineering companies bid for large maintenance contracts servicing LNG Plants all around Australia and Asia.

Working with engineers presents a range of unique challenges, as the solutions are often complex and highly technical. Working closely with subject matter experts (SME), on these complex bids, we find the storyboard process is an integral part of the process, necessary to help draw the key themes together, and ensure the SME is able to articulate the solution in a way which clearly responds to the question at hand.

An additional challenge involved in these bids is often transforming extensive, 20-50 page responses into more succinct responses that address the question in a more simplistic fashion – being mindful that whist the assessment panel will consist of some technical personnel, it also needs to be palatable to the procurement and non-technical audience. We always find that a significant amount of technical detail can be moved into the appendix to reduce the core response, and diagrams can become incredibly powerful at simplifying highly technical detail.

Construction & Trades

PitchThis has worked with a range of trade and construction companies.

Construction & Maintenance Company

One of our construction clients first came to PitchThis when the company turnover was around $20m annually. At the time, they were tendering for a large government contract valued at around $8-10m which would have significantly increased the size and scale of the company. It was a ‘game changing’ bid in a lot of ways – and when we first spoke, they recognised that they did not have a significant chance of success, however they knew that the process of writing a bid of this scale would help advance their bid management process and tactics, so that they were better equipped to deal with these in the future.

They did not win the government tender on this occasion. During the time we worked with them, we helped the estimating team to develop a range of templates to help simplify and enhance their tendering and estimating process. As a result, they have continued to use these templates and the company size has now doubled to approximately $40m turnover.

Plumbing Business

We have worked with a small plumbing business to help them develop several government tender responses. Applying for a place on a government panel agreement has helped this company to grow their revenue and expand the company within their existing geographic footprint.