Ever been frustrated by mistakes and repeated questions in a Request for Tender document? Don't make the common mistake of…
How to Set Up a Tender Template

How to Set Up a Tender Template

If you’ve written even a few tenders, you’ll have encountered a Request for Tender (RFT) or Invitation to Tender (ITT) that made you want to pull your hair out. Repeated or confusing questions,...

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What’s an RFT, ITT or RFP?

What’s an RFT, ITT or RFP?

What’s an RFT, ITT or RFP? How do I know what the different tender documents are? Whilst government tenders over a certain threshold are required by Australian law to advertise via the AusTender...

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Formatting Bids to Win

Formatting Bids to Win

Document layout and graphic illustrations are often a highly underrated element of bid preparation. The layout of a bid, and use of various graphics help to optimise the chance of the reader...

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