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Why not to use a Shotgun Approach when bidding

Why not to use a Shotgun Approach when bidding

Does your organisation still implement a shotgun approach and bid for everything? Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“We have to bid, its strategic”
“We were invited, we’re in with a chance”
“We probably won’t win, but we need to put forward a bid”

6 Reasons your Bid Team needs a Mentor

6 Reasons your Bid Team needs a Mentor

Any business, whether just starting out with bidding or wanting to improve on existing strategy, can benefit from one-on-one mentoring from a bid management expert. Investing in mentoring for staff members will give your staff technical knowledge, develop their leaderships skills and provide your bid team the support to operate more effectively and win the contracts your business needs to expand.

Formatting Bids to Win

Formatting Bids to Win

Document layout and graphic illustrations are often a highly underrated element of bid preparation. The layout of a bid, and use of various graphics help to optimise the chance of the reader understanding and interpreting the full win strategy and key messaging intended by the tenderer.

500 word limits

500 word limits

Late last year I was in Sydney working on a unique government tender. The department set some of the strictest word limits I’ve ever seen. 3000 characters per response. That’s less than 500 words to explain what the tendering company does, how they intend to meet the Request for Tender (RFT) criteria, and the entire pitch for each region.

Well, I do love a challenge, and this didn’t disappoint! But its also left me pondering how I can take away some lessons to pass on to the benefit of my team, clients and customers.

Top 5 Tips for Managing Stakeholders

Top 5 Tips for Managing Stakeholders

One of the key elements to managing a tender are the stakeholders involved. Timeframes are tight, and bidding teams tend to bring together specialists and management from right across the business; a group of people of all levels of the organisation who don’t necessarily work together often. There is never enough time to build rapport or relationships the way you might in other streams of business, and the stakes are high.
Follow these top 5 tips to set your bid up for success and manage stakeholder engagement.

How to select the right bid management consultant

How to select the right bid management consultant

Bidding creates a high-pressure, deadline-driven environment, often over a limited timeframe, and often bringing together a team of people who have not worked in a cohesive group-work situation together before. This presents a unique environment that needs to be managed carefully.
See my list of key considerations that will help you make an informed decision about selecting the right Bid Manager for your next ‘must win’ bid.

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