Bid Writing Services



Need to respond to a government or commercial Request for Proposal / Invitation to Tender and not sure where to start?

At PitchThis, we know that bid writing and management can be hard. That’s why we specialise in helping businesses navigate the tricky bid writing process by offering services ranging from planning to writing to review.

PitchThis helps companies grow by writing bids that win. Writing a winning bid doesn’t happen by accident. The tendering process requires careful planning and management. For a small business, hiring a consultant to assist with bid writing can mean the difference between winning and losing a valuable contract that is necessary for growth. That’s where we come in.

Here at PitchThis, we don’t just write tenders. We work with senior leadership every step of the way to create winning bids through effective bid management. Our bid management services include monitoring tender opportunities, developing a win strategy, writing and developing content (including planning and coaching), layout design and packaging, and presentation preparation and coaching.

Strategy Workshops

To kick off a project, PitchThis holds a strategy workshop to develop a winning strategy for the bid.  These workshops involve bringing together key stakeholders (bid sponsor, opportunity lead, bid manager) to discuss client needs and workshop solution elements.

Design & Layout

From assisting with template design to detailed formatting help, we make sure your document is polished and easy to read. With our design and layout help, your tender response documents will stand out for their professionalism.

Planning & Project Management

Before the actual writing comes the planning. PitchThis assists with planning bids and preparing for the writing process. We also provide bid management throughout the course of the project, ensuring the process goes smoothly and the bid is ready for submission before the deadline.

Presentation and Preparation

Make sure the final client presentation is every bit as convincing as the bid. We assist with preparing for the all-important presentation. Services include developing a slide deck, revising the Solution Overview and providing a script. In addition, we provide coaching to prepare presenters for effective delivery.

Writing & Editing

PitchThis assists with writing & editing tender response documents, whether you need help with overall messaging, nitty gritty details or both. Writers work closely with business owners to develop a draft, so responses accurately reflect company values and answer questions effectively.


PitchThis provides review packages, from basic proof-reading and editing to a full-service package which includes planning and detailed final quality review to capture spelling, grammar and layout errors. We ensure that your final response is on-message, free of errors and ready for submission.

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