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Are you new to bidding? Confused by the procurement rules and legal requirements of the bids? Or just need someone outside of your organisation to speak with from time to time?


We believe in helping business grow sustainably.

Our 6-month Mentoring Program offers junior and individual team members from small and medium sized business the opportunity to work directly with an experienced senior bid manager to help unpack and workshop key issues as they arise.


Training and Mentoring from Expert Tender Writers


The bidding landscape can be highly complex. A lot of people tasked with writing tenders do not fully understand the legal impact of their words, or the impact that mistakes in a tender can have – where the accepted or successful tender goes on to create a legally enforceable contract.


Through our mentoring program, mentees will gain confidence and leadership skills, insights into the best business practices of large competitors, and most importantly. They will receive ongoing support, encouragement, advice and guidance from a senior bid professional who has been there and done it many times before.

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PitchThis Mentoring Program | Lisa Wiking - Motivational Leadership

“I was taken on a journey from a brain dump of info that was scattered in my head and presented with an absolute masterpiece that I’m exceptionally proud of. Who knows what the result will be, that’s out of my hands now, what I do know is that I have the best possible chance with my proposal written by PitchThis! Thank you so much!! I’ll be back!”


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Need a brain to pick or an ear to listen. Maybe your team needs a push in the right direction or professional advice.

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