About Us

PitchThis has helped win over $700m in revenue for our clients in our first 3.5 years of service.

We’ve made it our mission to transform more clients businesses and lives by raising $1billion by mid 2020.

PitchThis was established to assist business owners struggling to win in competitive market places. Most of our clients come to PitchThis because they are having trouble competing in a saturated market place. Margins are low, win rate is mediocre, and staff are stressed and burning out.

How we work 

There are a lot of corporate writers helping companies develop written materials, including tender responses. The typical arrangement is a fixed term contract, where the writer helps the organisation to respond to the bid within the organisation’s own format, process and terms. Most of those writers disappear at the end of the bid. At PitchThis, we know this arrangement often results in operational problems for the business. So, we take a more holistic approach. We see our role as one of management, overseeing the solution, and driving a degree of change management within the business. We help organisations to understand how they can improve their bidding process, and help to up-skill junior team members, through our mentoring and training programs.

We also implement an end-to-end process, that sees the elements of the solution discovered in detail, forming a full Execution Plan for the business, and presenting this to the team at the end of the bid, as part of our handover. This way, when the client wins, and they get ready to mobilise the new contract, they have a robust plan that outlines the solution and proposed approach, ready for implementation by the operations team.

What drives us

PitchThis team members are guided by our PITCH values in everything that we do. Where decisions need to be made, team mates should always refer to the values for guidance:

Partnership: we always work in partnership with our clients, taking on their needs as our own. As an organisation and as individuals we are invested in client outcomes, outputs and happiness.

Improvement: we’re addicted to continually seeking better ways to do things. This is evident in our process, with quarterly sprints toward new project and campaign launches.

Tenacity: we approach our projects with unwavering energy. We challenge and stretch ourselves and our clients, to ensure we get the best result for our clients, every time.

Communication: we know that good communication is key to success. We have systems, tools and processes in place to ensure we are clear and concise in all of our communications so that everyone knows what is expected of them at each stage of the process.

Honesty: in our work. Transparency is at the heart of everything we do, supported by systems and tools to provide you with clarity at every point of the process.

Who we work with 

Whilst we work with a range of small, medium and large clients, across all B2B industries – including facility management, engineering, construction, transport, IT, professional services and resources organisations. 

We help growing bid teams to understand how they can make the most of their resources, enhance their capabilities and increase their win rate and return on investment. We draw on our extensive corporate and major projects experience, and use the lessons learned and expertise to help emerging organisations achieve their growth ambitions.

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