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Having worked with hundreds of mid-sized businesses, and won billions of dollars in repeat revenue – PitchThis know what it takes to win tenders and large contracts.


We’ve made it our mission to work with ambitious business owners and managers to facilitate access to these opportunities and set up secure and repeat revenue streams that will transform your business. Through our Partner Program, PitchThis work with mid-tier companies who are serious about growth. We work with ambitious owners and directors to grow mid-tier companies through sustainable long-term revenue streams.

When clients come to us, we find they typically have three distinct requirements. They either have a live bid, they are not winning enough work and they want help identifying the problem, or they want support to enhance their bidding capability.

Overwhelmed? Need rescuing from a live EOI, RFT or ITT thats stressing you out?

Our team provides full bid management, strategy and content development services to help you win your next formal tender response. We write clear, concise bids with complex requirements without sacrificing detail.

Constantly losing tenders and not sure what's going wrong?

Have you written more tenders than you care to count, with limited results?Unlock the secrets to success. PitchThis can assist with a Bid Readiness Review & Audit to help review a range of metrics to help identify where you’re going wrong, and provide a roadmap for improvement.

Ready to play a bigger game?

Whether you’ve had some success with bidding, or you’re just getting started, our 12-month accelerator program can help you take your business to the next level. Develop better bidding and business capability that will transform your business through our Partner Program >

Elements of successful bidding

There are three key elements that drive successful bidding.

We know that it takes more than just a bit of word-smithing to win bids, and particularly to repetitively and consistently win large scale contracts.

So rather than just focusing on the written bid, PitchThis take a holistic approach to bidding.

We’ll guide you through the development of essential business systems, certifications and processes that will ensure your bids are successful, but also – more importantly – that your business is capable of operating and retaining those contracts throughout the term.

So, all you really need to ask yourself is this: are you really serious about growing your business? 

George Bernard Shaw

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”



What our clients say.


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Ducon engaged Robin to assist us in preparing and delivering several high priority proposals to the business. Through her professionalism, expertise and thoroughness we were successful in several bids, Robin also managed to re align our procedures to ensure future proposals had a change of structure and focus. Robin’s insight and eagerness to help in all aspects the Bid management process was greatly appreciated by all.

Glen Owen

(former) Business Development Manager, Ducon (Building & Maintenance Services)

We engaged Robin as a contract Bid Manager & Writer for a number of high value and complex tenders. Robin was able to walk into our business and quickly pick up the jargon and key business drivers, fit into the team and use them to make a positive contributions and improvements to our tenders. In a short time we were able to delegate key sections of the tender to Robin which she lead to great effect and because of this we will happily use Robin’s services again when the need arises.
James Clements

Business Acquisition Manager, Wood Plc

I was taken on a journey from a brain dump of info that was scattered in my head and presented with an absolute masterpiece that I’m exceptionally proud of. Who knows what the result will be, that’s out of my hands now, what I do know is that I have the best possible chance with my proposal written by PitchThis! Thank you so much!! I’ll be back!
Lisa Wiking

Author, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Motivational Leadership


Thought Leadership.


Read about some of our experience and lessons here.

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